Segway Ærø





The Edible Paradise Gardens of Vitsøhus Permaculture

Opening hours:

All year by arrangement

30th June - 17th August:

Friday - Sunday 12.00 - 17.00

Have an unforgettable day and a unique nature- and sensory experience on 3,7 acres in our edible permaculture paradise gardens with a great biodiversity of around 400 herbs and healing plants, bushes and trees and over 160 different roses.

Get inspired by our Audio Guided Nature Tour and be part of the transition!

The Sensual Herb Garden
An outstanding experience of gorgeous peonies, charming roses and an abundance of sensual herbs... 

The Edible Forest Garden
Edible trees, rare and „forgotten“ healing plants in mystic charme and tranquillity with a unique view on the legendary Vitsø (lake) and the sea... 

The “Hands-in-Pockets-Bed”
An ensemble oft he most poisonous plant of Europe and other captivating and impressing poisonous beauties...

The Therapy Garden with Kyrgyz Yurt
The holy room of a foreign culture, a sound enclave for sound meditation and relaxation, also adventure accommodation... 

The Micro-Paradise of Biodiversity “The Microclimate Area”
Our heart – our centre; wild beauty in a special natural habitat. Just try and count the number of different dragon flies!




  • Peaceful and graceful alpacasbella
  • Aristocratic Indian Runner Ducks
  • Kashmere goats (the only one in Denmark)
  • Rooster „Henry“ and its beautiful hens
  • Keen Norwegian sheep
  • Chaos, the Siamese and garden guide
  • Puna, the human’s / kid’s friend and Irish Setter







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