We have a vision - and a creed

Petra Morten

Foto der Inhaberin Petra Dall

Foto des Inhabers Morton Dall


Vitsøhus – a conception of permaculture (organic farming since June 2012)


Permaculture is beyond ecology.

Since 2003 we (Morten, Car Mechanic, Dipl. Industrial Designer, Adult-Trainer, Permaculure Designer and Petra, Educator, Dipl. Social Worker, Sound Therapist, Permaculture Designer) are working together in the realm of education, have experienced life in cities as well as in the countryside. Our desire grew constantly bigger to live and operate considerate in and with nature, which is Alpha and Omega, and not against nature.

Australian, English and Austrian examples like Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Graham Bell, Sepp Holzer e.g. encouraged us to stick to our way of our lives' greatest project, to believe and stick to our path – since 2011.

Let's take some steps together...