IMG 2769 - Arbeitskopie 2 kleinLille Villa – the retreat right at the permaculture garden (summer cottage), 50 m to lake

A charming designed cottage with view over Vitsø and the sea…

- A cosy little “villa” at an exciting and versatile place -

  • 100 m² cosy and high quality furnished and equipped cottage
  • 22 m² wooden patio with garden furniture adjoining our well-kept garden with herbs and flowers and direct access to the large permaculture gardens
  • 50 m to Vitsø with path to the seaside
  • 2 bedrooms, equipped with 1 double-bed and 3 beds including high quality mattresses
  • 1 bathroom with basin, shower with cold and warm water (supplied from our private officially controlled well), washing machine and tumble dryer)
  • 1 toilet with basin
  • 1 well-equipped kitchen with dish-washer, microwave oven, cooker, toaster, electric kettle, coffee machine and many extras
  • TV with LCD-screen, internet access, hi-fi system
  • The Lille Villa is heated with energy efficient heat pump /electrical radiator. In the living room a typical Danish wood burning fireplace, filled only with a few logs provides a comfy warmth.

The Lille Villa is furnished with an attractive traditional and modern country-style furniture-mix.


Location and surrounding

Lille Villa is located with access to Ærø’s unique permaculture gardens (ca. 1,5 hektar), next to the nature preserve “Vitsø Nor”, where a large herd of Scottish Highland cattle is grazing. Vitsø (originally: hvid sø = white lake) had been re-claimed from the sea in 1788 and drained first 1836 by a Dutch windmill “Vitsø Mølle”, from 1964 onward with electrical pumps for gaining farmland. Since the 22.01.2010 the lake has been re-established. Today this area is a paradise for a wide range of birds and plants. Besides the native birds many migrant birds can be watched here during their stopover in spring and autumn.

The three main cities on Ærø, besides others, are worth visiting: Ærøskøbing with the cobblestone streets and picturesque houses, Marstal with the nautical museum (Søfartsmuseum) and Søby with Denmark’s most beautiful golf course in the North, that faces the seaside with at least three sides.

Søbygård, the former mounted castle, once manor, today museum, as well as Vester Mølle, Vitsø with Vitsø Mølle and the beach are within walking distance.

The island offers versatile options of enjoying nature, exercise and motion.