Wwoofers are welcome to stay with us, get in touch with permaculture gardening, country-life and explore the beautiful island „Ærø". We offer a cosy home, healthy food and practical permaculture experience.

Vitsøhus is situated at the banks of Vitsø, which encouraged us to name our house Vitsøhus. We, Petra and Morten, sort of stranded here on Ærø by falling in Love with this island and trying to make a living here. Ærø is an unique and origin island and so is the particular area around the lake "Vitsø". You feel back a hundred years. When you ride around the island you can sense the magic and energy you are surrounded by.

We started our project in 2010/11 and got coached by Sepp Holzer, Austria. Our main ground are 1,5 ha and persist of different permaculture patterns and design-elements, e.g. the micro-climate-zone with two lakes, forest garden and hump bed, swales around trees. In 2013 we opened our permaculture gardens to the public, in June in 2014 we will open our soup restaurant "Eat & Read" and garden-shop. Every year there are new sub-projects as for 2014 it is to construct and build an earth cellar for e.g. fruit-, vegetable-, root-storage during wintertime with 0-energy usage. Guided garden-tours, different workshops and seminars take place like "self-made natural cosmetics", "herb-safari and wild cooking" etc.
For Wwofers we offer to experience our daily life and offers, like workshops, seminars etc. by joining in with us in all niches of our project, such as garden-work, cooking-preparation, animal care, selfcare in the living place... to participate in our self sufficiency and permaculture life-style.

To be Wwoofers with us means, that you join our worklife up to 5 hours daily, probably use the opportunity to inform yourself by books of our home-library e.g. about permaculture, plants, sustainability and to explore the paradisiac island you are on – there is much to see locally. For sure, you can borrow a bike from us or take the bus for free to get around.

The accommodation we offer for Wwoofers is a caravan, a second one is in progres, bathroom and shower is provided as well.

We are open to meet and love exchange experiences with people also from different countries. We are both English, Danish, German speaking.