Mowing with the scythe for home use and the basics of peening
Contact Petra and Morten Dall
  • Correct setting of a scythe for personal use.
  • Mowing with the scythe for home use.
  • Proper mowing attitude and techniques.
    Helpful hints and tricks.
  • Mower breakfast with interim result of course events.
  • Try different Scythe models for special applications.
  • Small trip to traditional methods of grass utilization and haying.
  • Sense care
  • Different peening techniques, learn and practicing peening.
  • Small repairs on brought scythes
  • Peening with equipment of the organizer.
  • Own scythes and peening tools can be brought for appraisal and possibly minor repairs.


Many people want to work by hand for health, ecological and economic reasons.
Mowing the scythe requires special techniques, but these are becoming more and more forgotten.
The course teaches everything worth knowing how a scythe is constructed,
the right ergonomic attitude, mowing technique, and how to peening and sharpen the scythes.

Location Vitsøhus
Cost: 105.00 € per person
Maximum 12 participants
Registration until May 31, 2019:
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Phone: +45 25 64 40 03